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Judd's Progeny


Puppet Court  x Honeyborough Judd

Honeyborough  Faith

Foaled: 18th November 2008

Thoroughbred x Quarter Horse Filly

Amber is quiet but a little more sensative than the other two.  She is getting easier to approach and even though she is not sure about us yet she has no nasties.  I have managed to give her small rubs on the rump and she has no sign of kicking, when she has had enough she walks away.


Treena Small Fortune x Honeyborough Judd

Honeyborough  Alice

Foaled: 5th November 2008

Registered Quarter Horse Filly

missing in flood 

Alice is a very friendly curious filly. She is very friendly and can be rubbed all over and is learning to lead and tie.  She has been weaned and is ready to go.


Jacaranda Crown x Honeyborough Judd

Honeyborough  Jacaranda

 Foaled: 15th October 2008  

  Thoroughbred x Quarter Horse Filly

Jackie is a lovely, friendly filly.  She loves to be patted and to see what you are doing.  She is happy to be touched all over.  I have rubbed her legs, around her ears and her face with no problems.

Jackie went missing in the flood and was found safe and well 3 months later.


All three foals have been born and Honeyborough Stud is excited to announce the arrival of 3 healthy fillies.


Honeyborough Elli-May


Sire: Honeyborough Judd                 Dam: Treena Lions Girl

D.O.B: 25-11-07
Breed: Reg QH filly

A very cheap filly with breeding certificate

  This filly has great conformation, attitude and looks. She has a very pretty little face and a well sculpted figure.  She should mat approx 15hh. She will suit cutting, reining, or any other disipline. Elli-May has been weaned, caught and is starting to lead and has been tied up. She is very quiet and a quick learner. 



8-10-07 - Honeyborough Storm Boy 


Dam: Honeyborough Misty (See Mares Page)

Kept to breed quarter ponies


8-10-07 - Honeyborough Sparky
Dam: Honeyborough Lady (See Mares Page)


7-1-07 - Honeyborough Spud
Puppet Court (TB) (See Mares Page)




7-10-07 - Honeyborough Sophie
Dam: Honeyborough Victory  (See Mares Page)



6-10-06 - Honeyborough Bell

Dam: Treena Small Fortune Q-33573 (See Mares Page)


5-10-06 - Honeyborough Taffy
Dam: King Lodge Solitaire M-4854 (See Mares Page)


28-9-06 - Honeyborough Flicka
Dam: Miss Dee Nelson Q-22284 (See Previous Horses Page)

28-8-06 - Honeyborough Shakira
Dam: Honeyborough Lady (See Mares Page)



17-11-05 - Honeyborough Shaker
Dam: Honeyborough Misty (See Mares Page)



19-10-05 - Honeyborough Spinner
Dam: Treena Lions Girl Q-27439 (See Mares Page)




4-10-04 - Honeyborough Honey

Sire: Honeyborough Judd Q-49101                    Dam: Honeyborough Lady

Honey was the first foal bred from Honeyborough Judd.

Honey is a lovely filly, she leads and ties well, has a quiet nature, has been broken in and is green broken, she is currently in rugged paddock condition. This mare is an absolute beauty to look at, very pretty face, wavy white mane and tail with a rich golden coat.

Honey was broken in at Kiljora Park By T.Parker and L.Heydon. (See Links)
Honey has been on trail rides and ridden along the road with no problems. She is very quiet and will make an excellent childs horse with education. She has shown no buck, bolt or any other vices.
She is a fast learner and will suit any disipline.
Honey then went to Elmaco stud (see links) and began her flat work and circle work, she has also started taking on some small jumps.Honey is ready to move to her new home and start being educated for her future riding career. 
Honey is back at Honeyborough Stud and has competed at the local western show.
She has been ridden at our local riding club by 18 yo girl. She is very quiet and going well. 
SOLD to Caitlin & family.
Update for 2010.  Honey has turned into a bronc and has been sold to a family in Sydney January 2010.
March 2010 Honey has found herself up for sale once again.  A lovely looking mare destined for the Nackery.

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