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Honeyborough Penny

Colour: Chestnut Pinto
Height: 11.2hh
Breed: Welsh X
"Penny" is a very quiet kids pony, she was attending PC with a 6 year old beginner rider.  Sarah will be 8 in Feb and has moved onto a bigger horse.  Penny is easy for the children to  handle.  Sarah would load & unload Penny from the float.  Handle her at Pony club and shows.  Penny has also been on beach rides.  She has never shied and I have always felt Sarah was safe on and with her.   Sad sale but would like to see her go to a good home.
When Sarah started pony club on Penny she was on lead line.  So from lead line to riding on her own,  Penny has done it.  Sarah has learnt a lot from Penny and it has given her a lot of confidence.  Sarah rugs & unrugs her on her own.  The only vice Penny has is that she can sometimes be a bit difficult to catch but a bucket of feed is simply irresistable to her.
Below: Sarah & Penny at there first gymkhana. 
Sarah & Penny had a good day at the Grafton show bringing home a blue and a red ribbon.
(unfortunately no pics)
Honeyborough Victory

Colour: Chestnut
Height: 15hh

"Victory" is now retired, we have done a lot of miles together taking people on trail rides, retired due to a leg injury and has produced some very quiet foals that have been sold and are all going well.

Pic Soon!

Honeyborough Lady

Colour: Palomino
Height: 14.2hh
Breed: Quarter Horse X Stock Horse X Arab

"Lady" is a lovely natured mare, she was previously mistreated and is now a broodmare producing stunning palomino foals.

 Stylish Tweed

Sire: Tweed Last Act Q-21054                      Dam: Stylish Hunch R1-11966

D.O.B: 3/1/93
Breed: Quarter Horse
Colour: Black


"Tweedy" is a nice quiet mare to ride, with plenty of mustering experience, she has also had a lot of pony club experience and polo cross. She is an excellent allrounder and is currently being used around the farm mustering cattle and is being ridden by teenage girl at pony club.  The teenager who was riding Tweedy has moved onto her recently broken in Daughter (Keirnans Destiny (Sally) on my mares and fillies page).  Tweedy is good after a spell. She is a very reliable mare. She is good in traffic and with other horses or on her own.  I have led horses from her including my yuoung colt with out any problems. She is truly a fantastic mare with no nasty's.  Only for sale as I need some cash flow or this mare would not be for sale.

Tweedy was ridden by 9 yr beginner at our Easter camp and she did every thing she was asked. (pic below




Treena Small Fortune x Honeyborough Judd

Honeyborough  Alice

Foaled: 5th November 2008

Registered Quarter Horse Filly

missing in flood

Alice is a very friendly curious filly. She is very friendly and can be rubbed all over and is learning to lead and tie.  She has been weaned and is ready to go.

King Lodge Solitaire
reg welsh mare

Sire: Rotherwood Woodbine S-717     Dam: Tandara Marina M-987
D.O.B: 18yrs young
Breed: Welsh
Height: 13.2hh
Colour: Chestnut
"Candy" would Suit pony club, show or general riding.
She is easy to catch, shoe, float, worm etc. She has no vices and is a good, handy pony to have around. Good on the cattle. She would be a great sport pony or pony club mount. She has a soft snaffle mouth, no bolt, buck, etc. She is good to ride on her own or with other horses. Would suit a beginner through to experienced, as long as beginner knows how to use the reins. Candy is easy to get going and to stop.  She is also a proven breeder.

Honeyborough Trinket
Colour: Palomino
Height: 14.2hh
Breed: stock horse x quarter horse
Age:  13 yrs
Unfortunately she died in the May flood.  She was in foal to Honeyborough Judd
Honeyborough Honeycomb
Colour: Palomino
Height: 13.3hh
Breed: stock horse x arab x pony
Age:  13 yrs
Very quiet and safe pony.  She is good after a spell.  She is good with little children.
These girls are from Sydney and dont have anything to do with horses.  Also pis a couple of local children that also have nothing to do with horses. They are all beginners and Honeycomb is very well behaved.
Below is my beginner 7 yr old riding Honeycomb in an approx 100 acre paddock.
Huey is a tb gelding
15.2+hh 7 yo
He is very quiet and would suit any thing
He is easy to catch, shoe. float etc
He is good on trail rides with a soft snaffle mouth, he has no vices
He is good to ride on his own or with other horses.
SOLD  to Lismore
Honeyborough Misty

Colour: Palomino Appaloosa
Height: 14.2hh
Breed: Appaloosa
Misty is a quiet honest horse that would suit gentle riding as she has never been a horse that has wanted to get busy. She is easy to get going with a smooth trot and a gentle canter. She loves water and is a great fun horse. She is only for sale as I will not be breeding with her any more. Now that she is 17 I would like her to go to a good home where she will be enjoyed and loved. Who ever gets this mare will not be disappointed. Safe for the whole family and visitors but no good for sporting or hooning.  Best of homes only.
SOLD    to  Tasmania.    
TS Docs Coal Seam 


Above: Karen riding Buddy at his new home.

To Karen and Harry, 
Look forward to updates of how you and Buddy are going and pics.
Thank you for the up date and pics. He is looking good.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all.
Foaled 11-10-2003
Sire  Celebrity Seeker  5340
Dam  Treena Small Fortune  Q-33573
Sold to Michelle Jarman Tasmania

  Spin N Duke Q-60958
foaled  1-12-03
Sire  Eskdale West Spin N Gold Q-37293
Dam  Treena Lions Girl  Q-27439
sold to Tasmania, has been sold on and is now a registered stallion.

Sammy foaled 28-12-03



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AQHA Number: Q-62859 
Sex: Gelding 
Foaling Date: 28/12/2003 
Colour: Chestnut 
Status: Active 
Registration Status: Stud Book 
Registered: 13/10/2006 
DNA Case #: 161104 
HYPP: Unknown 
Progeny: None
sire Ima Cool Seeker Q-39839
dam  Colrando Strutin In Gold  Q-33318
sold to Tasmania doing pony club
Banjo foaled 14-01-05
sire  Bimbi's Special Edition Q-32533
dam  Miss Dee Nelson  Q-22284
sold locally with Lucy
Banjo is now broken in and is very quiet and good to ride.

Lucy foaled 25-01-05
sire  Bimbi's Special Edition  Q-32533
dam  Honeyborough Victory
sold locally with Banjo

 Miss Dee Nelson
sold locally to Copmanhurst
Very quiet and reliable mare, Easy to c/s/f.  Good after long spells.
Honeyborough Mandy
DEC swamp cancer Lovely quiet mare, loved a beer

Honeyborough Jasper
Gelding very quiet
Sire Shadow Boxer stock horse DEC
 Dam victory

Honeyborough Ahmed
Ahmed pictured the evening before he was put down.  A terrific Arab that my 4 yo daughter Amanda loved and learnt to ride on. He was truly one in a million.